Project Kaiser version 12 available

Michael Saygachenko, October 7, 2013

A new version of Project Kaiser Project Management Software available for download. As usual, it includes several major features introduced and also number of smaller improvements.

New Tool "Team"

New tool which improves team management in projects. It is a replacement of "Team" popup dialog from the previous versions with some improvements:

Project Kaiser: Team Tool

New Project Wizard

This wizard improves project creation by making it easier and faster. In few seconds you can create a project, define it's structure and add team members. Wizard has two pages, on the first you define name of project and it's structure, using templates:

Project Kaiser: New Project Wizard Page 1

User can choose from two predefined templates: "Generic" and "Software Development". Selected template items will be created automatically. Button "Next" forward you to a second wizard page:

Project Kaiser: New Project Wizard Page 2

You can add users to project by dragging with mouse. You can also specify role for every user (Manager, Executor, Documentation Writer, Client, etc).

There are also other features and improvements in Project Kaiser 12: Complete list of improvements and links for downloading

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