Task management software

May 5, 2012

Task management system is the software for everyday task routines automation. Nowadays not only companies from IT-sphere become users of task management software, but also the companies and persons from other business areas. Task management software provides automation for creating tasks, classifying, time scheduling, priority management and others.

Project Kaiser project management software provides powerful task management subsystem. Any project may include special containers of type "Issues" which is actually the list of tasks. Task may be linked to requirements, milestones. It is possible to view tasks on Gantt chart, and modify tasks using drag-and-drop.

Tasks in Project Kaiser may have assignee (executor) and/or responsible persons, which are selected from the list of team members. For example, assignee may return task to a responsible, when it's not possible to proceed the task for some reason. Responsible person should also approve the task when it is completed by assignee. Every task can be discussed in comments linked to this task, or users may discuss task in "chat" mode. In this mode chat history saved in database together with the rest information linked to this task. Detailed information about task management system can be found in software documentation and demos, published at Project Kaiser homepage.

Other distinctive feature of this software are "Inbox" and "Outbox" lists in "Personal" section for each user. "Inbox" shows the list of tasks requiring some action to be done by user (e.g. "Accept", or "Clarify"). "Outbox" list shows tasks already processed by user. Thus, when user open program in his browser, the first thing he sees is the list of tasks which needs some kind of attention (Inbox).

In Project Kaiser you can specify "task" - "supertask" linkage between tasks. Detailed information can be found in documentation. Such kind of link is useful in requirement decomposition, or for creating "external subtasks" - tasks initiated by given task, but located in different project division or even in different project. This allows devide task execution by several users or departments.

By providing hierarchical structure and possibility to add team members at any level of hierarchy, Project Kaiser acts like powerful and flexible task management system. In order to get more information, visit software homepage. You can find there demos, links to documentation and support forums, and more.

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