Time Management

Michael Saygachenko, December 5, 2014

It's already been a week since you installed PK and now it's time to see what your employees do. Use Time tool for that:

Spent Time Summary Report

But first your team members should enter their time spents. There are three ways to do that.

1) When task status is changed

Adding Spent Time

2) From any task, at any time, using Add Time Spent button

Adding Spent Time

3) Using Personal Time tool

To use it open Personal section/My Issues/Time. Tool shows tasks per week and tries to guess which tasks user could spent time on, for this purposes it uses history of user actions. Task is shown if:

Adding Spent Time

Time spents can be entered/edited clicking any cell:

Adding Spent Time

When time spents registered it is easy to get a report. Open you project, then open Time tool. Note that report is very flexible, you can reconfigure it and then save the result as a preset:

Spent Time Report

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