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Users are grouped in teams to work together. When user added as a team member to a certain project, this project is displayed in "My Projects" list in Personal Section of this user.
To add a user to a team:

  1. Open the project in the navigation tree.
  2. Select "Teams" tool:
  3. Click "Add Users to Team".
  4. Drop users from the list to the right window in the dialog. Specify their role and access level:

In each team one or several users can be a "Manager"

For exempleProject1 team has a single user with Manager role. Note: The manager can edit the file description.

Project1.1 team is also composed of a single user - O'Connor. He is a Manager at this level.

In the Project1.1.1 there are two users, and no one of them is a Manager.

Context Team is a team that includes a manager.

Therefore Project1.1.1 context team includes Mulder, Scully and O'Connor from the Project1.1.

If an user Spotnitz is added to Project1.1.1 as a Manager, the context team will include this level members- Mulder, Scully and Spotnitz.

Contact Info

The administrator can fill in the "Contact Information" section in Administration/Security/Users/"user name":

The user can change the contact information in the Personal section/My profile.


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