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File Secret Level

Project Kaiser allows to assign secret level to a file or folder. This enables to limit the visibility of certain project parts and make them accessible only to certain team members.

Let's introduce the following concepts:

There are following secret levels supported:

  1. Unclassified
  2. Restricted
  3. Confidential
  4. Secret
  5. Top Secret

By default all files have "Unclassified" level. It means that they are accessible all team members.

To Change Secret Level of a File:

  1. Find it in tree and open the file;
  2. Left-click on the toolbar on "More/ Common Settings" (since version 9.0):
  3. Select desired secret level and click "Apply":

To Apply Access Level to a Team Member:

  1. Select the project (or any other file) in the navigation tree you want to specify team member with a secret level;
  2. Right-click on the project and select "Team Members / Add" from the pop-up menu:
  3. In new dialog select users you add to and specify roles and access level:
  4. Then press Ok.


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