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Project Kaiser allows you to create forums as a part of your projects or Public sections. Forum is a set of topics with comments.

A user with Administrator and Manager role can create, rename and delete forums like the other files (Read Operations with Files).

Forums can be organized in a tree as the other files:


We can create a forum and edit it as a regular file (Read Creating a file).

Select a forum in the tree. The list of topics appears in the content window:

The administrator and user Manager role can create, rename, or delete topics (Read Operations with Files).

When selecting a topic from the list displays a list of comments in this topic.

Forum Access Control

In Public section the administrator assigns access and control over the forum for registered users. To do this open "More /Common Settings" on the file toolbar:


3/26/12 3:01 PM
С уважением, Анна. Project Kaiser Team.
5/29/12 12:01 PM

Я бы удалил упоминания про рабочую группу, создание новой темы, но раскрыл бы про безопасность. Ключевые слова administrator, user, access, control, grant, allow.

Only registered users can create topics and leave messages - неверно. Вообще никто не может, пока не дан доступ.

Project Kaiser Team
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