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Another problem, which just happend in my team. Two people had the same wiki opened and edited. The last wins here - changes of the person who saved first are lost.

There are two strategies in solving such problems - locking or merging. Locking is much simples and I think you should add it to your system asap. It's a very serious problem, especially when history does not work.


11/19/09 9:29 PM

History will work in v3, may be in v4 wewill check that document changed and give a warning

Project Kaiser Team
9/25/19 9:25 AM Marek

This is still not fixed in version 26.0.2911, and this is important to fix because neither of two users even know that they were editing the same article, so data is lost silently (there is at least history now). Simultaneous editing should at least be detected and user should be warned.

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