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Dataset represents database query which is used for building reports. Content of the dataset used for building layout based on the query results.
Dataset is a container macro, the structure of dataset is the following:

Also, groupings can be applied to group records by certain field. Each grouping may also have own header or footer. The structure of "dataset" macro with groupings is the following:

After dataset received from database, each record of dataset rendered using content of "dbody" tag. To retrieve field values and insert them into report, use field macro.
Dataset Parameters:

Parameter Value
name*The name of dataset
Ref. Supported datasets
orderbyDefines sorting fields (comma separated)
Example 1: "name, severity" - order by fields "name and severity"
Example 2: "name desc" - order by name in descendant order
idsymbolic identifier, needed for building diagrams

Example Source (for project ID "1234567")

h5.Simple issue priorities report
{dataset:name="com.triniforce.document.datasets.meta.Tasks"|orderby="severity desc"}
{field:name="name"}: {field:name="severity_name"}

Example Result:

Simple issue priorities report

Requirement #1: Blocker
Issue B: High
Issue F: High
Requirement #2: Normal
Issue A: Normal
Requirement #3: Normal
Issue D: Normal
Issue E: Normal
Issue G: Normal
Issue C: Low

More dataset features

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