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View Configuration

Lists of issues in Project Kaiser can be customized. Settings are divided into:

User-defined settings can be saved. You can switch from one to another, send to other users, use the default for all or the selected file.


Click on column header and the list you will sort by this column. Click again and the list will be sorted in reverse order. The third click will turn off sorting.

When you click on the several columns by holding "Ctrl", the list is sorted by several columns.


Besides "Show..." and "Assignee..." filters (see View Lists of Issues), users may configure own filters for any column. By right-clicking on column header you will see a pop-up window:

Choose "Configure..." to setup filter settings for this column.

By right-clicking on the column header is visible applied filter. For example, the "Priority" filter is "High":

To cancel the filter click "Clear".

Choosing Visible Columns

To choose visible columns click "View" on the control panel choose "Select Columns...":

In the dialog you can move columns from "Available" to "Current" and back:

You can also change the order of "Active columns". Press OK and the list of issues will be displayed as necessary.

Creating User-defined Settings

Changing settings of the view (the name is indicated by "star") can be saved (see below) or combine with other settings, such as adding a filter "In Progress". To do this use Ctrl+click:

To save new view configuration click "View" on the control panel and choose "Save as...". Enter the name of configuration and press "Ok":

Your configuration will be available in "User-defined":

Note: Saved settings include mode, filters, sorting and column visibility.

Setting as Default

To use the default settings for all folders, click the "View". Select the desired one from the list and then press "Set As Default".

To use the default settings for the particular file, open the file. On the file toolbar click "More /My Settings", select the desired configuration and press "Apply."

View Configuration for the "My Issues" folder is setting separately.

Export and Import

To send your view configuration. Select "Export ..." in "View" pop-up menu. Copy the selected code and send it.

Recipient can select "Import ...", enter the code in the field "Settings code", press OK. The new configuration is added to the list "User-defined".

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