Supertasks and External Subtasks

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Supertasks and External Subtasks

Supertasks and external subtasks extend traditional tree structure of project, allowing to create sub-tasks in external for main task (issue) sub-trees. For example, suppose we have the following project structure:

Order N1 is created in Orders. Design and production are represented by two issues which are external subtasks of Order N1 in Design (issue Design N1 ):

and Production: (issue Production N1)

Issue Order N1 is a supertask for these issues, Project Kaiser shows it as follows:

As a real example consider development of Subscription function for Project Kaiser version 4, this functions allows users to subscribe for notification messages about new items (say, new comments):

Initially there was an issue in project backlog (1), during development new general system requirement appeared (2). Requirement (2) was decomposed into a server requirement (3) and a client requirement (is not shown).

To satisfy requirement (3) the following functions were developed server-side:

In this example requirement (1) is a supertask of requirement (2), requirement (2) is an external subtask of requirement (1) etc. Note that all requirements/issues shown are external, this demonstrates that this function (ability to create an external subtask) is used very often.

This approach allows:

E.g. PK\Reqs\Srv\api subtree now looks like (new element IUserProperty added):

thus it includes all system interfaces, if we open particular interface we can see its supertask, i.e. its origin.

Ref also External subtasks creation


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