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Project Kaiser integration with Google Analytics

Project Kaiser can be integrated with Google Analytics ( As the result, you may track statistics of Public Section visitors. This file describes how to setup Google Analytics in Project Kaiser.

  1. First, if you don't have Google Analytics accound, you should create it
  2. Login to PK as Admin, and switch to "Administrative" section
  3. Open "Public Section Languages" and choose needed language
  4. In "Details" specify your Google Analytics account number ("UA-XXX...")
  5. In "Details" specify the way Google Analytics must be enabled:
    1. "Allow to be enabled for each file in Public Section" - In this way Google Analytics can be enabled for each certain file in Public Section, using Administration tab. Important: "Google analytics" item becomes enabled in Administration tab only when "Google Analytics account number" specified for current Public Section language, and "Allow to be enabled for each file in Public Section" chosen.
    2. "Enable for all files in Public Section" - all files for current Public Section language tracked by Google Analytics.
  6. Press "Apply"

Now you can track your Public Section pages visitors using Google Analytics features.

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