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Using Export/Import functionality you can:

Export creates an archive which includes:

Data can be imported during new database creation process, note that Project Kaiser version which is used for import must equal one which was used for export.

Export (Backup copy)

Important: Import must be done using the version which was used for export. E.g. it is impossible to import 6.2 backup into 7.1 version. Install 6.2, import 6.2 backup and then upgrade to 7.1.

To create an archive, go to the Administrative Section (from version 10.0), and then select "Server Configuration /Database" and press "Make Backup" button:
The program automatically suggests the file name to records the results of procedure, which can be changed:

Important: during export server is automatically stopped.

Changing RDMS Type

To change RDBMS type you should do the following:



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