Social Networks Authentication

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Social Networks Authentication

The Project Kaiser allows users to login to the program with their social network accounts (Facebook, Google). Users can not register in the program, and will not enter a user name and password when login. At the same time social network password remains secret. The functionality is only available to owners of unlimited licenses. 

First Administrator need to create new applications on OAuth2 provider side (Read more).

Login Page

The Project Kaiser login page will have buttons for login with social network. It will have only providers which Administrator configured:

The user can either enter the name and password if it is already registered in the Project Kaiser, or enter through one of the social networks in which already the user has an account.

When you click on one of the icons in the "Log in with..." browser opens a pop-up window where the selected social network may ask you to confirm the possibility of granting your e-mail. You may need to login to the selected social network, if you have not done it before.

Register Window

When an user is invited to the project by e-mail, he received a letter with a link. If the user is not registered in Project Kaiser, the program will offer:


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