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Functionality of sorting issues in "My Issues" in not working, all columns are locked.


10/12/16 2:43 PM maxim.ge

This is by intent, GUI is simplified

Project Kaiser Team
10/13/16 10:07 AM maxim.ge

Now issues are ordered by

  1. By the state, opened (active) issues are shown first, not started - next
  2. By the time of appearance in inbox, active issues are sorted as newest first, not started - oldest first

If you have a simple idea for additional built-in filter (say priority), explain.

Project Kaiser Team
10/13/16 12:06 PM Tobek

In our team everyone has about 30+ issues in "My Issues" folder and now it is impossible to find which issues was modified recently or show which issue is waiting to your response for "Unclear" state etc. In our opinion sorting based on columns should be enabled as in other window.

10/13/16 4:10 PM maxim.ge

Ok, will add sorting by column to the coming version.

Project Kaiser Team
12/15/16 7:07 AM Tobek

When new version with this functionality is planned to be released? Lack of this function made work in our team much harder.

2/1/18 10:51 AM Tobek

Also filtering using tags is missing in "My issues".

2/2/18 1:38 PM maxim.ge

Tobek, we expect new version with sorting in "My Issues" next week.

Project Kaiser Team
2/15/18 6:06 PM michael.say

24.0 Beta-version:

Feel free to install and try it, but I would not yet recommend upgrading your working servers because still not properly tested.

"What's new" will be available on next week. In short new features are: improved attachments, sorting in my issues, inserting images in text editor with "paste", improvements in "Time" tool, improved working with code and quotations in text editor.

Project Kaiser Team
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