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Is it possible to execute any of the following batch operations:

1. copy/cut/paste/delete files returned in search results.

2. upload/import issues as CSV files

3. selecting multiple files from the navigation tree for cut/copy/paste from one file to another

4. download/export an excel/csv file that provides the entire structure of a project's files (i.e. parent child relationships) along with the filenames of attachments (if any)

5. Downloading attachments from multiple files in one go


2/6/19 12:04 PM JAVED Abdullah


Is it possible to add an option to toggle check-boxes in the navigation tree pane so that multiple files an be selected and batch cut/copy/paste can be executed?

This feature will save me a ton of time on my project. Please consider it for next build.


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Created: JAVED Abdullah 1/26/19 5:56 AM; Modified: JAVED Abdullah 2/6/19 12:56 PM
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