Project Management

Unlimited project hierarchy (project-subproject-subproject, task-subtask-subtask...);
• no limitations on number of projects and tasks;
• view and edit (drag-n-drop) using Gantt chart
project templates
• SCRUM support.

Task and requirements management

• Requirements decomposition (using external subtasks) and trace;
• customizable workflows;
embedded workflow with support for assignee and responsible persons;
customizable filters in task lists;
• each user has special "inbox" and "outbox" lists.

Users collaboration

e-mail notifications;
forums can be included into project structure;
comments allowed not only for tasks, but for any files as well;
• possibility to discuss any file in chat (chat history linked to this file and stored in database);
• possibility to send e-mail message to your team members
user pictures (avatars) and signatures.


• Only team members have access to project;
• user privileges are defined by his role in current project: manager, executor, customer, etc;
• possibility to restrict access to project parts using classification levels;
• possibility to add new user groups and roles;
LDAP authentication possibility;
• possibility to login using social networks account.


• Customizable reports;
• Possibility to add diagrams and charts on wiki-pages and reports;
• "Who is working on what" tool  

Text editing

• All files have textual description: tasks, projects, etc. You can work with description using embedded WYSIWYG text editor
• possibility to work with source code (wiki); 
history of changes
• possibility to make hierarchical (tree-view) documentation; 
• Unicode support.

Integration with other products

SOAP interface provided;
• possibility to add IFRAMEs in descriptions;
• Google Calendar support;
• possiblity to add YouTube videos in descriptions and comments;
• Google Analytics support;
SEO-access, allowing to make public section area content visible for search engines;
script interface (Java) for manual working with database.

User interface

• Intuitive and simple web-interface;
• client applicatin works in all popular internet browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari;
• high speed and low traffic due to working in AJAX mode;
• possibility to add bookmarks;
fulltext search over projects, personal and public sections;
• extendable multi-language interface;
• public section provides content for any user (even non registered in PK), possibility to provide content on different languages;
printable version of any file allowed.

Installation and maintenance

• PK server can be installed on any operational system (Java-based application);
• application installed on single computer (server), users work with application using internet browser;
• quick install and update;
• different databases supported: MySQL, MSSQL, Derby;
• possibility to make database backups and restore (as well as for changing database type).